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Apni utthe bhabhi hai director...IT di head hai Prabha Garg..

Railgate: Singla tried to fix education post too, CBI says

CHANDIGARH: Former Union railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal's nephew Vijay Singla and his Chandigarh-based aides were not only allegedly involved in leveraging on railway jobs and contracts but also tried to influence the appointment of a director in Mohali-based National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, according to the CBI chargesheet in the Railgate scam.

Singla is accused of receiving Rs 90 lakh bribe from railway official Mahesh Kumar, who was allegedly lobbying for the post of member (electrical) in the Railway Board or be allowed to keep additional charge of general manager, Western Railway, and is currently in jail.

Singla and his group tried to fix the post of a director at NIPER, which has an annual budget of approximately Rs 55 crore, according to conversations intercepted by the CBI. NIPER is a research institute for post graduate and doctorate students of pharmacology.

In a conversation transcript dated April 19 this year, Singla assured railway scam co-accused and his close friend Sandeep Goyal that he (Singla) had briefed Bansal about the replacement of NIPER's director.

NIPER is an autonomous institute set up by the Union ministry of chemicals and fertilizers.

"Kehta-ji mai kehta. Mama-ji nu NIPER wali gal (I am talking to mama-ji about the NIPER job)," Singla told Goyal. In the same conversation, Goyal asked Singla to facilitate appointment of students from the pharmaceutical institute with Bansal and to safeguard the interests of one of his family members working at a top post.

"Apni utthe bhabhi hai director...IT di head hai Prabha Garg.... Te mama-ji de kan wich paana hai ki director remove hona chahiye. Mamaji toh students ne appointment litti hai (My sister-in-law is Prabha Garg is IT head... It should be put into mama-ji's ears that the director must be removed)," said Goyal, invoking a prompt reassurance from Singla again.

These transcripts were submitted by the CBI on July 3 in its 4,010-page chargesheet, a copy of which is with TOI, before the Patiala House court in Delhi as evidence in the Rs 10-crore Railgate scam.

A shocked NIPER's officiating director K K Bhutani told TOI that these transcripts undermine the autonomy of the institute and that he would take up the matter with the board of governors on August 12. As per procedure, the board of governors' panel is to recommend the director from a group of 12 people to the President of India at this meeting.

"Such conversations are damning considering that the board of governors at NIPER has for the past six months been planning to install a director. And now that meeting is just two days away, I also see it as a conspiracy as recently the board of governors had fired three men close to certain politicians of Chandigarh," said Bhutani.

The three sacked NIPER professors included the then head of the intellectual property rights department Parikshit Bansal, then head of biotechnology department Nilanjan Roy and assistant professor of pharmaceutics department Neeeraj Kumar.

Bhutani has been the officiating director at NIPER since January 1, 2010.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Now NIPER is "International Institute of Shame"

Current Developments at NIPER

Andreas Bender, PhD <>Fri, May 31, 2013 at 4:53 PM


Cc:,,,,,,,,, "A. Chavan-Ravindranath" <>, Rucha Chiddarwar <>, "S. Paricharak" <>,,,,,, Ashok Venkitaraman <>, Professor Shankar Balasubramanian <>,,,,

It is with much regret to follow recent - and continuing - developments at your institute[1-4,and many others].

NIPER has been established as a premier pharmaceutical research institute of your country, and to provide stimulating, fair and free leadership in science and beyond. Regrettably, this is not in the slightest what the current treatment of staff, as well as students, at NIPER by its senior authorities represents.

With this letter I would like to voice my strong opinion that you truly have to accept responsibility for the people within your very own institute, and responsibility towards your nation. The staff of your institute will form the future of your country - and this is only possible by teaching your students both exciting science, as well as to develop their personalities as human beings by incorporating the values of freedom, fairness, and mutual repect. Everyone wants to believe - allow your staff, allow your students, to believe in you.

When visiting Mohali several years ago, I met many very valuable students that wanted to develop, both scientifically as well as personally. I met scientific staff that wanted to do shape their areas in exciting ways; staff that strived to be good leaders. However, both is only possible by believing into your superiors also on higher levels of leadership - both on a scientifically, as well as a morally sound basis. And this is what you need to provide to NIPER on every level; this is what you, as leaders, owe them.

I will continue to believe into the people of India, and to continue to contribute my little share to their education via regular teaching visits to various institutes throughout the country. Now I would like to ask you to contribute your share - you owe it to your students, your staff, and your country.

Dr Andreas Bender
Cambridge University

Andreas Bender, PhD
Lecturer for Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Cambridge University